T Type Thermocouple

We are offering a comprehensive assortment of T Type Thermocouple. Owing to features like precise design and easy to Fit, our offered range has been able to earn a lot of popularity in the market. This thermocouple can be used in either oxidizing or reducing atmospheres, thought for longer life, a protecting tube is recommended. Because of its stability at lower temperatures, this is a superior thermocouple for a wide variety of applications in low and cryogenic temperatures. Its recommended operating range is-330 to 66 F (-200 to 350°C), but be used up to -452F (-269°C) (boiling helium).



• Most stable at cryogenic temperatures ranges
• Excellent in oxidizing and reducing atmospheres within temperature range -200-350°C (-330-660°F)


• Length: 650 mm
• Thermocouple Diameter Stem: 8.0 mm
• Voltage: 12 to 480 V