Tension Link Load Cell

Tension link load cell has been designed for lifting and weighing applications in harsh environments. We offer a complete product range of weighing systems with safety and control features. The load cell mounting assembly is designed to prevent overload loading of the load cell as well as lift-off protection.


  • Under hook Crane Weighing
  • Cable tension monitoring
  • Crane/Hoist Proof Loading
  • Water Weights filling
  • Warehouse dispatch weighing
  • Shipbuilding
  • Material Handling
  • Crane Manufacturing
  • Bridge Rope Tension Measurement

Load cell mounted as well as separate digital units are available function of on & off, zero, peak hold
User programmable set points
Wide Range 1T to 250T
High Accuracy
High Linearity
High Reliability
Rugged stainless steel Construction
High overload limit
Data acquisition system and software